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Gold Package - all Tajweed Courses plus book set

Complete Access to Online Courses

Children learn better when learning is fun. Each lesson is interactive and easy to follow. With the Gold package you will receive lifetime access to all Tajweed courses (beginners and advanced level) plus a set of Quran 4 Kids books.

  • Full access to online course Level 1/Book 1
  • Full access to online course Level 2/Book 2
  • Full access to the Surah memorisation course
  • Full set of Quran 4 Kids books
  • Puppet series for Book 2




Quran 4 Kids Book Set

Complete Quran 4 Kids Pack

We are now offering the COMPLETE Q4K this includes :

  • Pupil Book 1
  • Teacher Book 1
  • Pupil Book 2
  • Teacher Book 2
  • Pack of Flashcards


Price: £30.00 + Delivery





PUPIL'S EBOOK ONE - Learn Tajweed Through our Interactive eBook

Mobile App

These unique interactive eBooks are the first of its kind providing an excellent resource for both children and adults. The ebooks make learning tajweed fun, children can listen to all the letters they are learning, and also take part colouring, matching and writing activities on the iPad. There are also fun video lessons included

The lessons start by teaching the correct pronunciation of the alphabet moving onto the rules needed to recite the Qur'an.

Age Guide: Book 1 age 3+


PUPIL'S EBOOK TWO - Learn Tajweed Through our Interactive eBook

Mobile App

Book 2 progresses from Book 1, covering all the Tajweed rules needed to recite the Qur'an fluently and accurately, which offers full audio support and inteactive activities.

Age Guide: age 8+

Mobile App


Mobile App - Have Fun Learning with the Games on our Qur'an 4 Kids App

All the games on the Quran 4 Kids App go with the lessons in the Quran 4 Kids books, allowing children to have fun and learn at the same time. There are 4 games each with 14 levels which help teach the different levels of Tajweed. Take a look at the games we have!

Move and Match

Move and Match
Writing Letters

Writing Letters
Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop
Letter Chase

Letter Chase

MashAllah, have a read of our fab reviews, and check out our 5 star ratings on iTunes and Google Play:

"Awesome game! Nice games for kids to learn Quran."

"This is an awesome technique to help my kids learn the holy book."

"Very good app. Kids love it. May Allah reward the developers."

Letter Chase

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